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Ahimsa Yoga

Home 59 Main St, Unit 2A Huntsville ON P1H 2B8 Home Phone: (705) 789-0367Website:

Arrowhead Provincial Park

Ice Skating, x-Country Skiing, Skate Skiing, Snow Shoeing
Home 451 Arrowhead Park Rd Huntsville ON P1H 2J4 Work Phone: 705-789-5105Website: Arrowhead Provincial Park

Bigwin Island Golf

Golf Club
Home 1137 Old Hwy 117 Baysville ON P0B1A0 Home Phone: 800-840-4036Home Phone: 705-635-CLUB (2582)Website:

Canada Summit Centre

Home 20 Park Drive Huntsville ON P1H 1P5 CanadaWebsite:

Capitol Theatre

Home 8 Main Street West Huntsville ON P1H 2E1 Home Phone: 705-789-1104 (Administration)Home Phone: 705-789-2171 24hr (Movie Info)Website: visit website

Deerhurst Lakeside Golf

Home 1235 Deerhurst Drive Huntsville ON Home Phone: 855-461-4393 (Reservations)Home Phone: 1-800-461-6522 (Group Booking)Home Phone: 705-789-6411 (Administration)Website:

Deerhurst Resort

Home 1235 Deerhurst Drive Lake of Bays Ontario P1H 2E8 CanadaHome Phone: 705-789-6411Website: Visit Website

Duffers Tap & Grill

North Granite Ridge
Home 476 South Mary Lake Rd Port Sydney ON P0B1L0 Home Phone: 866-385-0808Website:

Grandview Lakeside Golf

Grandview Resort
Home 245 Grandview Drive North Huntsville ON P1H 1B4 Home Phone: 705-788-9978

Grille ’27

Pine Lodge Inn
Home 484 Muskoka Road 10 Port Sydney ON P0B 1L0 Home Phone: 705-385-2271Home Phone: 1-800-461-PINE (7463)Website:

Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Club

Home 1655 Hidden Valley Rd. Huntsville ON P1H 1A4 CanadaHome Phone: (705) 789-1773Website:

Huntsville Bowl

Home 2A Cann Street Huntsville ON P1H 1H3 Home Phone: (705) 789-0788Website:

Huntsville Downs Golf

Golf Glub
Home 182 Golf Course Rd Huntsville ON P1H 1N7 Home Phone: 705-789-1000Website:

I.C. Fitness

Home 59 Main St E #2b Huntsville ON P1H 2B8 Home Phone: 705-571-2572Website:

Mary Lakeside Grill

Home 656 Muskoka Road #10 Huntsville ON P0B 1L0 Home Phone: 705-385-8800

McCulley – Robertson Sports Complex

Home 300 Williams Street Huntsville ON P1H 1L7 CanadaWebsite:

Muskoka Hot Yoga

Home 131 Highway 60, Unit 11 Huntsville ON P1H 1C2 CanadaHome Phone: 416.706.6378Website: Muskoka Hot Yoga

North Granite Ridge Golf Club

Home 476 South Mary Lake Rd, RR#1 Port Sydney ON P0B 1L0 Website:

Norwood Theatre Cinema

Home 106 Manitoba Street Bracebridge ON Home Phone: 705.645.2333 (24 hr movie info)Home Phone: 705.645,1707 (administration)Website:
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